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Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon is:
Evan Jamieson/ Corey Salloway/ Mark Raso/ Jayme Hagen
All music and lyrics by Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Velveteen Audio by Brad Simons
Album cover photo by Ana Caselatto
Released 10/28/2014


released October 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Downstream
Tear gas and rubber bullets straight in the face of a women in the frontlines. Her right to assemble now qualifies as crime. "I was just doing my job," says the cop, whose gun still smokes. I'm so far removed from these images on a screen. Of policemen wearing armour as if they go to war. This isn't a fucking battle, it's just a message to the poor. Is this the doom written within our nature? You do not have a say. You do not have a voice. You will not make a change. Step aside or be destroyed. Is this the doom written within our nature? How long will they continue to live downstream?
Track Name: Absence of the Hero
Does it feel good to know that you're winning? An exclusive club. A sense of entitlement. How the fuck can you sleep at night? So drunk on wealth you actually believe you deserve it — that others deserve to starve while your money sits in heaps. Just close your eyes and go back to sleep. A small petty man, surround yourself with status symbols, you've proven to everyone that you've made it. So sit on your throne in your castle and ponder to yourself why everything feels so empty. In the morning you can't remember your dreams. Look up to the stars and beg for answers, the stars will give you nothing.
Track Name: Traffic Jam
An inconvenience fueling a blind rage. Are you mad at the protest or ashamed that you don't care? Resentlful of those with hope, you're stuck in traffic staring at your nose. We'll raise up dust, but we'll keep the sand in tact. We'll keep it as us vs. them, but we'll bury the stories that don't have any sides. Deny. We're still lining up like junkies. "It's good to the last drop." Searching for a new vein. I'm sure I've got another one tucked away. An inconvenience fueling a blind rage. Are you mad at the protest or ashamed that you don't care? Unrecognized privelage keeps us locked in a cage. So proud of ignorance, we've swallowed the fucking keys. We're living the future of a people that deny the past. Deny.