Continue Anyways

by Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon

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The first recorded output from Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon. Recorded in Luc Gagnon's parents' basement (much to his sister's disappointment) over the fall of 2011. For best results: listen to this album while you drink 12 Luckys in a single sitting.


released November 11, 2011

Recorded/Mixed by Luc Gagnon
Mastered by Brad Simons
Album artwork by Todd Snihur
Special thanks to Jamie Ferland
All music and lyrics by Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon
Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon is:
Evan Jamieson - guitars and vocals
Corey Salloway - guitars and vocals
Mark Raso - drums
Jayme Hagen - bass and vocals



all rights reserved


Thoroughbred Racing Pigeon Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Slime Song
"Pornography is about dominance. Erotica is about mutuality." - Gloria Steinem

Your wildest dreams are just a mouse click away, but to get this constant stimulation you've got to pay. You spend your life seeking fantasies online, don't be surprised if your wife no longer tries. She no longer does it for you. Missionary position isn't a thrill. Your small flaccid cock can be fixed with pills. Desensitized, your beady eyes are transfixed on a screen. Sexual freedom is not the same as watching women demeaned. The world's greatest communication is mostly used to watch people fuck, the irony is it's resulted in a generation of men that can no longer get it up. I'm not proposing we stop watching porn, just be careful what you let become the norm.
Track Name: Fort Mac
We had it all and we gave it all away. For what? Quick cash and temp. jobs? We sat idly by and watched a town become more black than the tar it sat on. There's plenty left for everyone, until there's nothing left. I'm sure there's other countries to infest. How long will it take us to realize the forest won't grow back? That was was buried beneath the Earth was far less valuable than anything on top of it? When our children look out on this land destroyed all they'll see are our own faces. Please tell me you don't want to be remembered this way.
Track Name: Whale
Last night I heard them beckoning me. Their low hypnotic sound shook me from my sleep. They sang to me of a world with no reality TV, just the beautiful black waters of the deep. Reborn. A relapse to the sea. Back to where life began. To the ocean set me free Breathe deep.
Track Name: New Method
I see change coming in
A new method live within
The bounds and chains of our life
To see the world through pain and strife

Gotta hold my head high
Outta control the world flies
Not responsible for all that die
Or the fear that pervades our time

Don’t descend into the tide of sorrow
Develop a feeling so hopeless, so thorough
That the first moment of your day
Is a static feeling of dismay

Gotta hold my head high
Outta control the world flies
Not responsible for all that die
Or the fear the pervades our time

We don't need this life!
We don't need this life!!
We gotta do something new
Before we all die!
Track Name: A Perfect Soldier
Ignore feeling. Don't search for meaning. Resist thinking there is a meaning. Don't ask too many questions where answers aren't to be found. You're much too good a soldier. A soldier's knowledge isn't supposed to be round. Don't try to remember, that's what made you sick in the first place. A soldier that remembers isn't worth his weight. Ten thousand men in uniform gather around to witness my hands around his neck, a face that's turning blue. As the life left his eyes our daily lives resumed. For the first time in his life the soldier failed to come to attention, not because he didn't want to, but because the soldier was already dead.